Perfect Picnic Menu

The perfect picnic menu will be different for everyone but one common thread running through every menu is simplicity.

perfect picnic menu In an ideal world, for an ideal picnic the weather should be warm, the scenery wonderful ie beside a little stream in a meadow, on a beach listening to the waves or on a hill-top far away from the city. The reality is that a picnic can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime - even in the middle of the city in winter you can find your perfect picnic corner.

Last summer we celebrated my daughter's birthday with a picnic. So there we were in a perfect spot in the countryside looking onto nothing but fields and trees. The whole family enjoying a day together - the only trouble was that it was pouring with rain! But we were not deterred as we put our hoods and umbrellas up and tried very hard to keep the food dry, and even although we were cold and wet (I live in Scotland) we had a lovely day! Every one to their own!

So what should the perfect picnic menu include?

Foods which are easy to make and easy to eat, such as finger foods or foods which can be eaten using a fork or spoon. While you prepare your picnic food remember you will have to carry it - along with rugs, chairs and possibly cool boxes. Yes a cool box is really worth investing in to keep food either hot or cold. Sometimes it's hard to get the right balance between making too much to eat and not making enough. People for some reason are always much hungrier when eating outside.

For some other thoughts about picnics, visit our good good picnic food and spring picnic ideas ideas pages.

Our suggestions for your perfect picnic menu :

Finger Foods

perfect picnic menu carrot sticks
celery sticks
pepper sticks
fresh pineapple chunks
melon slices
cheese cubes and slices

To Start with

make potato salad spinach quiche
potato salad
black bean salad
noodles, peach and pineapple salad
cheese and pineapple skewers
lots of French bread
choice of cold meats
choice of cheese

For Dessert

easy apple pie apple pie
strawberries with cream
strawberry cheesecake
trifle dessert


orange juice smoothies
fresh orange juice
sparkling water
red or white wine, with a screw top

Perfect picnic menu sandwich

Carrot Triple Sandwich

A triple decker sandwich always goes down well with children, as well as adults.

Serves 1
  • 4tbsp of low fat soft cheese
  • 30g grated carrot
  • cress
  • 3 slices wholemeal bread
Spread 2tbsp of low fat soft cheese over one half of bread and top with grated carrot.
Put the second piece of bread on top of the first.
Spread the top of the second half of bread with soft cheese, and top with the cress.
Place the last piece of bread on top.
Cut into four triangular pieces to serve.

I hope you have found our perfect picnic menu helpful and that you enjoy time with your family and friends in the outdoors.

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