Melting Chocolate for Strawberries

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melting chocolate for strawberries If you have never tried melting chocolate for strawberries you are in for a treat. Strawberries and chocolate make the perfect combination. An exciting way to eat fruit. Great for kids and adults alike. Make them for barbeques, picnics, summer treats, desserts, cocktails or anytime you like. They don't take long to make and it's something that you can involve the kids with as long as they don't eat all the chocolate before it goes onto the strawberries!

If you can avoid washing the strawberries for this recipe all the better as the chocolate will be ruined if mixed with water.
Wipe any dirt away or if you must take a damp cloth and wash, leaving them to dry properly before using.

If you can't find cooking chocolate, two or three packets of chocolate buttons will work just fine : in fact I prefer them to cooking chocolate for the taste. You can use white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate - it's your choice, but do choose the kind of chocolate you like.

What you will need for melting chocolate for strawberries

  • a large bar of cooking chocolate or chocolate chunks
  • 10 Strawberries
  • 2 Oranges
  • an oven proof bowl and a metal spoon to stir
  • cocktail sticks

Methods For Melting Chocolate

Cooking Tip

If you are using a wooden spoon make sure it's clean and dry when melting chocolate.

Make sure you are using a bowl which is oven proof when melting chocolate, as others may crack.

The oven Place the chocolate in a pre-heated oven of 160C 325F gas 3 and leave for 10 minutes.
Take a look and give it a stir. It should be runny - if it needs longer, pop it back into the oven.

The microwave Alternatively you could pop the bowl in the microwave for about 60 seconds.
Take it out and give it a stir before popping it back in for another 20 seconds and stir again.
Take a look at it and repeat the last instruction until the chocolate is runny.

Over boiling water This is my least favourite method of melting chocolate for strawberries as you need to avoid the water or steam having contact with the chocolate as this will cause the chocolate to seize.
Place the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water to melt, stirring all the time until chocolate is runny.


melting chocolate for strawberries 1. Do not remove the leaves from the strawberries as they add to the finished look.
2. Take one strawberry and stab a cocktail stick into the end with the leaves.
3. Now, holding the cocktail stick, dip the strawberry into the chocolate and roll it so it's completely covered except for the green leaves.
4. Stick the cocktail stick into an orange. Continue doing this until your orange can take no more strawberries. 5. Place in the refrigerator to allow to cool and set.

How to Melt Chocolate Video

Now you know how easy melting chocolate for strawberries is - go ahead and enjoy them! Just another great way of eating fruit.

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