Homemade Cake Recipes

homemade cake Take a stroll through our homemade cake recipes, all made with fruit or vegetables, such as carrot cake and banana cake, they will have your mouth watering.

In years gone by it would not be unusual to find housewives sitting round the kitchen table with a cup of tea discussing the merits of their own version of the Victoria sponge cake.

Nowadays we are more likely to be sitting round the dining room table with a glass of wine, with both men and women sharing their own pearls of wisdom on baking. We are far more adventurous than our predecessors and much more aware of our health, and using fruit and vegetables wherever we can in our diet including homemade cake recipes.

For instance the recipes we might discuss today are carrot cake or banana cake as well as the old popular Victoria sponge.

Freeze your baking

The beauty of making your own cakes is you can bake in bulk and then freeze them so they can be enjoyed whenever you want.

This way you not only have a convenience food which is soooo much tastier than anything in the shops, but you save yourself money.

Equipment to buy

If you are serious about homemade baking then I advise you to go and buy an electric whisk, but it doesn’t need to be an expensive one. The secret to a light spongy cake is in the mixing. The more air bubbles you can put into the mixture before baking, the lighter your cake will be.

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A pair of scales is another good investment. My own scales can weigh in grams as well as the old fashioned pounds and ounzes. This is handy as I can bake from old recipes as well as modern ones.

Cuisinart KML-10 PerfectWeight Digital Kitchen Scale

The Americans use baking cups which is a very easy way to measure, although not as accurate as the scales.

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Health benefits

The recipes in this website have been designed to help you be creative in thinking of ways to enjoy your five fruit and veg every day.

Homemade cake recipes might not be the healthiest way, however we all need something sweet now and again and this is a better alternative to a bar of chocolate! For a healthy heart, use low fat milk and low fat margarine instead of the full blown out versions. Sugar can also be substituted with honey or a low calorie light sugar.

Enjoy some of the recipes on this site:

healthy carrot cake Healthy Carrot Cake
Our healthy carrot cake recipe is made from traditional ingredients using less fat along with wholemeal flour which gives this cake a moist nutty and tasty flavour.

best banana cake best banana cake
If you have a sweet tooth you are just going to love this recipe. The chocolate icing on the top really adds something. It can be eaten on its own, no butter required. as it will just melt in your mouth.

moist banana cake Moist Banana Cake
I love it because its such a moist banana cake recipe, not dry like some. Of course it's at its most delicious if eaten as soon as its made.

moist banana cake Aprioct Bread
The trouble with today's hectic life is there never seems to be the time for the little things which are so enjoyable. Take a little time out to not only enjoy making our recipes but to enjoy eating them.

pineapple cake recipes Pineapple Cake
When you think of pineapple cake recipes your mind may go immediately to a pineapple upside down cake.

how to make carrot cake How to Make Carrot Cake
Carrot cake is not hard to make nor does it have an endless shopping list of ingredients, but it is delicious, especially if you top the cakes with frosting.

Share your own recipe here

There is nothing more complimentary than a friend telling you how much she enjoyed making your recipe, especially if her family also loved it. If you have a recipe of your own, why not share it with our readers and you might even receive some very favourable comments. (Whatever, rest assured we don’t allow negative feedback, only constructive criticism).

Perhaps you have an old carrot cake recipe passed down by your grandmother or maybe you have found a wonderful carrot cake recipe in a magazine. Perhaps you have even made your recipe in your own head. We would love you to share your homemade cake recipes here.

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